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iFilters CB8, Amway E-84, E-85, A101, E-9225 Compatible Carbon Block Water Filter

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Our iFilters IF-CB8 Amway Carbon Block Water Filter is a 0.5 sub-micron filter and provides 1250 gallons (or 1 year) of cleaner, safer, healthier, tastier Drinking water.

Made with certified listed coconut shell carbon. This CB8 Amway compatible filter has a 3/8 inch threaded port.

The IF-CB8 is fully compatible with the Amway E-84, E-85, A101, and E-9225 OEM Carbon Block water filters and is made with Certified Materials.

The IF-CB8 Amway compatible filter cartridge filters and reduces dirt, sand, silt, sediment, rust, Chlorine taste & order, Cysts, Lead, parasites (cryptosporidium & giardia), cloudiness (turbidity), THMs (trihalomethanes), VOCs (volatile organic chemicals), asbestos, and more.


  • NSF Approved Materials
  • Coconut Shell Carbon
  • Broad Range of Contaminant Reduction
  • High Absorption
  • Excellent Mechanical Filtration


  • Maximum Temperature: 120 °F
  • Gallon Capacity: 1250 Gallons
  • Micron Rating: 0.5 μ
  • Length: 7”
  • Diameter: 4.5”


  • End Cap Material: Polypropylene
  • Filter Media: Coconut Shell Carbon
  • Outer Wrap: Polypropylene

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