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Hydronix 2.5" X 10" Cation Softening Resin Cartridge


Hydronix UDF Series GAC / Media Filters are available in 10", 20" lengths, 2.5", 4.5" diameters. Hydronix GAC filters utilize high quality coconut shell carbon, resin and KDF (known to be one of the most effective media for removal of organic compounds including VOCs, radon, chlorine, bad taste and odor). Hydronix UDF Series GAC/Media Filters combine both quality and reliability at a competitive cost.

Materials of Construction:
  • Filter Media: Granular Activated Carbon
  • End Caps: Highimpact
  • Body: Polystyrene (Hips)
  • Gasket: Buna-N
Temperature Rating
  • 40?F to 105?F (4.4?C to 51.7?C)
  • Min. Working Pressure: 20 PSI
  • Max. Working Pressure: 125 PSI

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