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Sku: SW-CB5-4520

This dual filter set includes the SW5-4520 Sediment String-wound filter and CB5-4520 CTO carbon block whole house filters.

Suitable for whole house and commercial filtration applications the SW5-4520 and CB5-4520 are ideal for Whole House or Commercial applications as well as Hydroponics applications.

The SW5-4520 and CB5-4520 carbon block filters are manufactured from safe NSF approved coconut shell activated carbon to reduce unpleasant taste, odor, chlorine and other contaminants from water. The Filter has a 4.5" outside diameter (OD) and an height of 20".

This sediment and carbon block filter set is suitable for use in water dispensing applications where higher chlorine levels are present (eg. City municipal water).

Original OEM replacement filter for the MWH-D20 Dual Whole House Filtration system.

Compatible replacement for any standard 4.5"" x 20"" Dual Stage Whole House Systems.

Whats in the Box?

  • 1pc SW5-4520 Polypropylene String-wound Sediment Filter.
  • 1pc CB5-4520 Premium Coconut Shell Carbon Carbon Block CTO Filter.


  • SW5-4520: High Quality 100 percent Pure Polypropylene Fiber Cord
  • CB5-45210: High Quality Coconut Shell Activated Carbon
  • Standard Size 4.5" x 20"
  • 5 Microns
  • Operating Temp: 40 F to 165 F
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