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Sku: FC-10-ALK

Convert any standard water filtration unit into an Alkaline Drinking Water System with the PRO+AQUA FC-10-ALK Multi-Stage Alkaline Drinking Water Filter.

The FC-10-ALK Multi-Stage filter provides 5 stages of filtration:

  • Stage 1: Sediment Pad - Filters Sediment and other visible contaminants.
  • Stage 2: KDF Media - Controls scale, bacteria, and algae. Filters and reduces 99% of chlorine, water-soluble lead, mercury, nickel, chromium, and other dissolved metals, even in hot water.
  • Stage 3: Premium Granular Activated Carbon - Filters Chlorine, Odors, Chloramine, Benzene, Radon, Organic Chemicals, and many more contaminants down to 5 microns.
  • Stage 4: Alkaline Beads - Adds Magnesium, Potassium and Calcium Minerals into your water.
  • Stage 5: Calcite - Balances and increase the PH levels for healthier water.

This filter is the OEM replacement for the PRO-C-ALK, PRO-UC-ALK, PRO-C2-ARC, and PRO-UC2-ARC Drinking Water Filtration Systems.

The FC-10-ALK is 100% Compatible, and a smart upgrade, for the following filtration systems:

  • APEX MR-1050 (RF-1050 Filter), MR-1030 (RF-1030 Filter), MR-1020 (RF-1020 Filter), MR-1000 (RF-1010 Filter), MR-2050 (RF-2050 Filter).
  • iSpring CT10 (FCT10 Filter), CKC1C (FC15 Filter), US31 (Replaces 2nd stage FC15 Filter).
  • Home Master TMJRF2, TMJRF2E, TMJRF2-BK (CFF2E-10 Filter).
  • NU Aqua Platinum Series Countertop Units.
  • Ecosoft Countertop Water Filter Systems.
  • and any systems that use standard size 2.5" x 10" filter cartridges.
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